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Applying Before Degree Completion

If you’re applying for transfer from an institution in the UT or Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) system and you have not earned an AA or AS degree, but the institution you’re transferring from certifies that you completed all your general education requirements, you will have completed your general education requirements for UT Knoxville. You will not be required to take any additional course work to meet general education requirements.

Similarly, if you’re applying to transfer from an institution in the UT or TBR system and your original institution certifies that you completed sub-section(s) of general education (ie: Natural Sciences), you will be credited for completing the same section, if it exists, at UT Knoxville. The acceptance of certified general education completion does not imply that you have met any other admission or degree requirements.

Certification of general education completion must be provided by the institution where the courses were taken. Certification must occur at the time you transfer to UT. No retroactive certification will be accepted.