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Frequently Asked Questions

The University of Tennessee
Undergraduate Admissions
320 Student Services Building
Knoxville, TN 37996-0230


Visit the Tennessee Transfer Pathway website for information about the pathways process for students from a public Tennessee community college.

Yes. Transfer credit will be granted for courses in which a grade of “D-“ or better was earned by students who were admitted or readmitted fall semester 2013 and forward.

No, developmental and remedial courses are not transferable and will not count towards your degree.

Once you have been accepted to UT and we have received official College Board score reports for your AP credit, we will award the appropriate credit based on UT departmental guidelines.

Contact College Board and have them send your scores to UT (School Code: 1843).

You must complete at least 60 hours of credit offered for the bachelor’s degree at an accredited four-year institution.

If you have not yet applied to UT, please review the Volunteer Core section of the Undergraduate Catalog. For admitted students, please contact your UT academic advisor. 

UT accepts credit from accredited colleges and universities, normally institutions with regional accreditation in the United States. You must complete the last 30 hours of credit for the bachelor’s degree in residence at UT.

We divide quarter hours by 1.5. For example, 5 quarter hours converts to 3.33 semester hours; 4 quarter hours converts to 2.67 semester hours.

Yes. Make sure you send official transcripts once you successfully complete the course(s).

If UT does not have a direct course equivalent for your 100 or 200 level work, you are awarded lower division (LD) credit without a specific course number. If UT does not have a direct course equivalent for your 300 or 400 level work, you are awarded upper division (UD) credit without a specific course number.

Through a process called “petitioning” your academic department will determine how the undesignated credit (LD) (UD) is used towards graduation requirements. Be sure to ask your academic advisor about this.

Your college advising center or major advisor can walk you through the petition process. Some of the advising centers have petition guidelines posted on their websites.

Undergraduate students are classified according to the number of semester hours passed (does not include in-progress coursework), in all programs except architecture, as follows.

0 – 29.9 = First Year

30 – 59.9 = Second Year

60 – 89.9 = Third Year

90+ = Fourth Year

No. Credits from other institutions may count toward degree progress at UT, but your UT GPA only includes courses taken at UT Knoxville.